Another Week. Another Software.

The cycle of dreading a new software, learning it, and then realizing it’s really not so bad has started once again. Much like InDesign, I was not excited to learn the software, I barely learned it, and then as I started the project I began to get a grasp on it. However, this approach is pretty effective when learning something in 1-2 weeks.

Side note the video tutorials were also pretty helpful.

Similar to the InDesign campaign project, I was pretty excited to sink my teeth into the logo redesign.  It always seems daunting at first but once the creative juices get flowing it is pretty exciting. However, as I begin to craft this new logo it is becoming clear that I am not going to have the same (lucky?) success that I had with the previous project. Only time will tell, but I really do want to make a cool new logo for the Chyxs & Styxs restaurant. They definitely need some help rebranding.


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